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World War II becomes an MMO


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3 सित. 2021

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War Thunder is a massively multiplayer online (MMO) war game where you command planes, ships, and tanks, sending them to fight in spectacular battles set in World War II.

You can participate in impressive multiplayer battles where you have to face other human players from around the world. You can form squadrons, use both air and land units, and in short, try to kill your enemies using any means you have within reach.

That said, although PvP battles are a part of the game, War Thunder also has a great PvE (Player Versus Environment) component. You can go on connected missions throughout a dynamic campaign, either alone or in teams. Besides all this, the game also includes a mission editor to give even more life to the single-player game.

Although War Thunder's strength is air combat, you can also control tanks and war ships from either third-person or first-person perspective. The latter includes detailed representations of the pilot's cabin.

Visually speaking, War Thunder is a spectacular game that uses real World War II models of planes and tanks to achieve an immersive experience. In this spectacular MMO the scale of the missions, in single-player as well as in multiplayer, is huge: dozens of players in planes, tanks, and war ships fighting at the same time.
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ऑपरेटिंग सिस्टम
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Gaijin Entertainment
3 सित. 2021
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